A Probiotic That Acts Like a Toothbrush

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I think we are going to start seeing a lot more of these scientific realizations of how nature’s probiotics are problem solvers for just about everything. In this article, you’ll learn (and be surprised by) how probiotics are working inside of our mouths to prevent oral diseases and even reduce tartar also known as biofilm. Get ready to pair up your toothbrushes with a probiotic solution coming at us in the near future.

Check out the article below which helps bolster the notion of managing pathogens in your living space through the use of probiotics. This is just another reason Team Prōtëkt loves sharing the scientific brilliance of external probiotics.

Many people are understandably unfamiliar with the term, “biofilm“. Yet, it is a number one subject of conversation when talking about external probiotics because biofilm is essentially the little brick house that bacteria lives in. However, where there is no biofilm, there are no big clusters of bacteria either so the goal is to blow their houses down and expose them to the elements. In the case of dental health, biofilm is also known as tartar and plaque.

Read the full article here: written by Catherine Meyers originally published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

using probiotics for oral hygiene

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