Ever Wonder What Lives On A Shopping Cart Handle?

By Prōtëkt Probiotic Products|February 26, 2019|Environment|0 comments

Did you know, the handles of shopping carts are laden with harmful microbes such as E.coli, staphylococcus, salmonella and influenza?  That’s just a few of the gross biological contaminants they carry. It’s such a big problem, in fact, some states and counties in the U.S. have implemented mandatory shopping cart sanitation programs for companies providing carts for consumer use. As a result, disinfectant wipe stations are installed at store entrances across the country to protect consumers from these rolling petri dishes.

And, herein lies the problem:

Sanitizing/disinfecting surfaces eliminates both the bad AND good microbial life… they don’t discriminate.

So, the first problem is that it removes the balance of good bacteria which counters the introduction of new contaminants. The second problem is disinfectants do not penetrate deep enough to eliminate the biofilm that protects infection causing pathogens. Third, these little buggars are onto us and they are building resistance to chemical disinfectants and antibiotics making it more difficult to control the “superbugs”.

Disinfecting leaves a “clean” blank canvas which becomes a sanctuary for the first nasty microbes to begin re-colonizing the surface without a balance of “good guys” to control their growth. But, it does nothing to eliminate the biofilm that houses the worst of the worst.

Now, you can manage any surface with a barrage of active, good bacteria to counteract the negative microbes, while helping the environment through a reduction in chemical use. Unlike disinfectants, our products FULLY penetrate biofilm and cause no resistance in bacteria, eliminating concerns for mutating resistant superbugs!

We’re putting Prōtëkt in everything from beauty serums to hand gels. You can Prōtëkt everything, everywhere—from stinky kid feet and pungent hockey gloves to you most sensitive skin needs. This truly changes everything.

Word has gotten out on what is to come… and the buzz has begun!

This Snopes article corroborates our very own ATP hygiene testing. The results are staggering. But don’t worry, it’s a story that ends happily.


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