In Nature’s Battle, Probiotics Are The “Good Guys”, And They DESTROY The “Bad Guys”

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Probiotic technology has finally caught up with nature and it’s not just about the gut. Many people are familiar with probiotics when it comes to gut health but what about for household cleaning or to deodorize smelly sports equipment? Have you heard about what probiotics have been doing for people in the world of beauty and skin care, or for animals with allergen issues; or even what it does for tile and grout restoration? There’s a ton of uses for ACTIVE PROBIOTIC products in an EXTERNAL environment, and the benefits of this technology are staggering.

Nature has always been the arena for natural progression and her inventions are backed by science. Good probiotic bacteriaHowever, sometimes the human race can take a few million years to catch on to what Mother Nature has been trying to tell us all along. As it turns out, high tech probiotic technology is old news to her.

By now, you’re probably a bit curious about what we’re talking about, and it may have sparked more questions than provided answers. But, stay with this and let us help clear up a few things: Starting with a quick rundown of how this allergy-free, non-toxic, eco-beneficial, and non-GMO household cleaner (basically everything you want in a household cleaning product around your babies, pets and yourself) really works.

Let’s talk germs. There are “good” bacteria (probiotics) and “bad” bacteria (pathogens) and benign bacteria (harmless) and they live on everything, even inside of you. As much as 90% of our bodies are made up of bacteria and the like. 1 pathogen probiotic cartoon

Much like antibiotics, cleaning agent and disinfectant makers often tout their products kill 99.9% of bacteria, and they DOincluding the good the bad and the ugly. These “ugly-bad” germs can include Listeria, E. coli, MRSA, Staphylococcus and other highly resistant and harmful microbes that can make you very, very ill. But, hey, these products “KILL GERMS”! So restaurants, hospitals, day care facilities, and clean-conscious people continue to disinfect on a regular basis to stay “healthy”.  At first glance, this sounds like a really good thing. The problem is, those chemical cleaners don’t discern good from bad. They kill everything and are only effective for Man pouring bleach in mop bucketabout 10 minutes and then the remaining resistant disease-carrying pathogens begin re-populating. Not only that, these microbes have one main goal and that’s to survive. This is how and why resistance happens, causing “superbugs” that mutate and grow immune to standard chemical cleaners, bleach and other disinfectants. The .1% of bacteria left over after disinfecting are those pesky pathogens that have built high resistances to harsh chemicals so they can continue to survive. Meanwhile, all the healthy germs have been eliminated so there’s nothing to keep it in balance or fight off the pathogens. It’s an unfair fight in favor of the protagonist of this story and no one wants the bad guys to win.cartoon of pathogen

The more SUSTAINABLE option is to NOT kill the bacteria, but to use nature’s power by flooding it with healthy bacteria instead, using live PROBIOTICS.  The overpopulation of healthy bacteria leaves little-to-no resources for bad bacteria to live or spread. This is how external probiotics successfully reduce pathogens on any surface. The truth is that most bacteria are benign or helpful, and they make up 90% 2 of all bacteria. It’s the small population of bad guys that causes disease and infection, but they sure make a huge impact!

So, we’ve shown how “cleaning” in the standard sense as we know it, makes it such that there are no more good bacteria to keep the peace, and the resistant pathogenic super bugs have free reign to invade and inhabit their newly sterilized land of milk and honey, spreading like wildfire. They multiply and feast without anything in their way.

But sadly, that’s not the only issue. To add to this grim and grimy recipe of a bad germ party, there is the nasty BIOFILM to consider. We now know that commercial cleaners strip surfaces of good and bad bacteria. However, they do NOT cut through biofilm and are unable to penetrate it or clean beneath it, so only the top most surface is cleaned.

What is biofilm?

Simply put, biofilm is an organic housing complex which bacteria naturally create though their byproduct. It is used as their food source and housing, allowing them to create a self-sustained community.  It is much like a a caterpillar’s cocoon is to a caterpillar. Biofilm is much stronger, hardening over time and can be visible with the naked eye if large enough. Biofilm is the darkness left on white grout, the pink slime growing in the corner of the shower or tartar on a tooth that the dental hygienist has to scrape off.

In short, biofilm is TOUGH!  There are only a few ways to fully penetrate biofilm.  The first two options are to introduce high heat steam for long periods of time, or remove it by mechanical means (think hammer and chisel style). The lastand most preferred method, for fully penetrating and cleaning away biofilm is by exposing it to biofilm-consuming bacteria.Good probiotic thumbs up

Prōtëkt probiotic products are created using earth-based, food-grade, bacillus ferment. That’s high tech for live healthy germs. These guys eat all things biofilm, byproduct and contaminant and then fully biodegrade with no harmful byproduct, making them good for the environment, as well!

You don’t have to have a degree in biology to be won over with these products. Even the most staunch of skeptics is blown away when they see and smell the results for the first time. It’s truly revolutionary.  Equally awesome is that there is no need to wear masks or gloves when using Prōtëkt probiotic products. Top off all these benefits with the fact that it cleans better than the leading commercial cleaners, naturally keeps cleaning for up to 3 days after use, AND costs less (less than 70 cents per 16oz bottle)!

We love Mother Nature’s genius and we know you will love it, too. If you have allergies, sensitivities or concerns about infection and illness-causing germs everywhere you and your children go, then stay tuned and subscribe to keep up to date with Prōtëkt news and special promotions and offers. THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING.

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