Dr. Jack Gilbert Wants To Make Our Hospitals “Dirty”

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Many people hear the word ‘dirt’ and think of something bad. Well, yes, we should remain hygienic minded, but in the grand scheme of things, dirt is exactly what we need to keep healthy and protected from bad pathogens. This is not just our opinion, it’s Mother Nature’s microbial principle just like the Law of Gravity.

You see, dirt is full of bacteria just like our very own bodies. The average 200 pound human body contains 2-6 pounds of bacteria. In fact, we contain more bacteria than we do human cells.

When we sterilize ourselves and our surroundings, we leave behind a virgin landscape susceptible to the first bacterial organism to populate it. Sterilizing can range from washing your hands to using a sanitizing agent on your counters or sink with bleach or other disinfectant.

Now, imagine touching an ordinarily used shopping cart handle from your local favorite big brand store after applying a hand sanitizer. As soon as the alcohol in your hand sanitizer evaporates–in around 20 seconds; it’s game on for whatever has been lurking on the handle, and the protective bacteria on your hands…? Well, the extreme amounts of isopropyl alcohol killed them, too. So, you’re fully UNPROTECTED from those disease causing bugs left by the last several customers who used that cart. Even if you use those handy little sanitizing wipes many stores offer, the same principle applies. As soon as that handle dries… your protection dies. Grab the freezer handle, and now you’ve contaminated your hands with no protection. Grab the cart, and it’s back to being covered in fast-multiplying bad guys… and worse, you’ve killed your only defense against whatever you’ve picked up… whether a flu virus, e-coli, or even the really scary MRSA and Staph viruses.

Everything is covered in a bubble of bacteria called a microbiome. We live in a world of bacteria, not the other way around. When you wash something, you essentially kill that area of the microbiome.  But, they all manage to creep back in from the air that surrounds us, from public objects we share and touch and from our neighboring bodies and surfaces.

Using good bacteria called probiotics keeps you clean, healthy and protected against bad bacteria also referred to as pathogens. We didn’t invent this balance, Mother Nature did that. We just found the technology that allows probiotics that serve humans and animals to be stored in such a way that it keeps them alive without refrigeration or other special, cumbersome care. This leaves you with an instantaneous probiotic solution for protection from the bad guys and overall healthier living.

sterile environments are dirty

Bring On The Dirt!

If that is considered getting dirty, we say, “Bring on the dirt!”

Sanitizing our bodies and surfaces isn’t a good thing! It causes those nasty buggars to build resistance, making them stronger and harder to control. Probiotics eliminate that threat because bad bacteria can’t build resistance to other bacteria (probiotics). They are both microbes! Don’t you just love the simple science? Probiotics are Mother Nature’s solution to controlling pathogens and contaminants, naturally!

So, get out and get dirty (but certainly take a shower), and be sure to apply your favorite products of sustainable external probiotics from ProtektOnline.com.

Check out this amazing article from the New York Post filled with more great facts on this subject:

New York Post Article

NIH Human Microbiome Project defines normal bacterial makeup of the body

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