The BeatBuds BeatBash at the Fonda Theater was a Smash!

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We always say, “If I only had that when I was little.”

Well, we here at Protekt external probiotics say just that about the latest kid-pop sensation to come from Scooter Braun, the 37-year-old pop svengali behind Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande.

We were personal fans and friends of the genius behind the BeatBuds long before they were formed and I’ll be the first to say on the record that I wish these guys were around when my now-twenty-somethings were younger. Their tunes surely beat the Barney and Tele-tubbies programming I subjected my children to; and that left incessant and obnoxious songs repeatedly playing in my head all day. “I love you… you love me…” Ugh.

This past December 1st, 2019, Team Protekt was fortunate enough to sponsor and be a part of protecting BeatBash party goers with Protekt external probiotic sprays and skin gel products.

Additionally, we were able to share the brilliance of our products with the huge star studded attendance that came to participate in the pop-carnival-style concert. From the VIP rooftop breakfast crawling with Hollywood’s familiar faces, to an indoor concert on stage at the famed Fonda Theater in Hollywood, to the wild pop-carnival and encore concert held directly outside, it was amassed with Hollywood’s movers and shakers… and their adorable mini versions in tow.

Hilary Duff and the guys from BeatBudsAdrianna Costa and her family

We saw tons of opportunities for germ cross-contamination to spread as is normal in any public space. With a multitude of food trucks, numerous giant inflatable jumpers, ball pits, diaper changing stations, a plethora of interactive community instruments used to play with the band during the concert; and tons of carnival style games designed specifically for the child-fans of The BeatBuds, we had a lot to share with intrigued parents.

Display table filled with protekt probiotics

Rest assured, all the service providers at this event are top notch professionals who carry a high consciousness for health and hygiene as do the BeatBuds. It’s one of the reasons we were there spraying and sharing our external probiotic products. We wanted to make it the most hygienic place to be.

Child health is not only paramount to their development, it’s paramount to the well-being of the whole family unit since cross contamination can happen in less than 5 seconds.

Karris Kutivan founder of Protekt Worldwide external probiotic productsBeatbash photographer taking photos of the VIP Protekt Probiotics tableThe Protekt Probiotic coloring book

The BeatBash was a healthy mind and body experience for all who attended.

Unfortunately, normal public spaces and surfaces are not necessarily maintained as well as the BeatBash was. From daycare facilities to shopping cart seats, this is where our children contract illnesses when not protected. Sanitizing agents such as hand sanitizing gels or sanitizing wipes kill EVERYTHING. So, although it may be disinfected at the time it’s cleaned (for about 60 seconds), as soon as it’s dry its lost all power and there is no natural protection left either because it was killed off, too. The very first bad germs to land on the fresh, new landscape begin spreading immediately infecting the “disinfected” area. What’s the point!? Protekt hand gel, cleaners and sprays keep protecting against bad germs from hours-to-days after its use, not just 60 seconds.

I would recommend two things having participated in the BeatBash: 1.) Don’t miss this annual event if you have children, and 2.) When you go to their next event (or anywhere!), protect yourself with Protekt external probiotic sprays and topicals to stay healthy and allergen free.

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