Washing Our Hands – We Are Doing It All Wrong

By Protekt Probiotics|December 15, 2019|Environment, Health|0 comments

Washing Our Hands – We Are Doing It All Wrong

It’s not that we are washing our hands right or wrong but we are not replenishing the good bacteria back onto our hands and anywhere else we clean.

Stripping off all microbes, Good and Bad causes an ecological imbalance on the surface of anything we wash using chemical cleaners such as bleach, ammonia, harsh soaps and alcohol based antibacterials. The problem lies in the fact that now the clean surface is a haven to the first germ to land on it and that is usually going to be a pathogenic type bacteria, especially if you are in a health care environment such as a hospital, medical facility or someplace more publicly traversed like a grocery cart handle, playground or even your cell phone.

Yes, cell phones are reported to average more foul germs than a public toilet seat.

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