3 Animal Care Solutions During A Global Viral Pandemic

By Protekt Probiotics|April 14, 2020|Beauty, Education, Health, Science & Studies|0 comments

During this time of isolation there is an opportunity to turn a challenge into something productive and fun for yourself and the rest of your family.

Many of our beloved pet groomers have been put out of business due to the Covid19 crisis and our pets are collecting irritating dirt and grime as we wait for our groomers to come back from isolation.

Our families quality of life greatly depends on clean hygiene and this includes our family pets.

What I’m recommending is:

  1. Take an online animal grooming course
    1. All About Dog Grooming
    2. Learn To Groom Dogs
    3. Udemy University
  2. Watch free grooming videos
    1. How To Cut Dogs Hair Basics
    2. How To Groom Your Dog At Home
    3. Dog Grooming For Beginners
    4. Grooming A Dog In 30 Minutes
    5. How To Trim A Dogs Nails
    6. Grooming Your Pet At Home

These are things to do to brush up and even learn some new tips and tricks to make the experience of grooming your pet at home more entertaining and satisfying until your favorite groomer returns from isolation. This is a great way to alternately support the industry while creating a creative outlet for yourself and your family. Be sure to support, like and subscribe to all the groomer channels that have provided something you choose to use.

And the last tip comes from yours truly.

3. Use Protekt probiotic animal shampoo during your pets next bath experience.

All shampoos out there do the same thing. They clean! How they clean will depend on the natural or toxic chemicals used in each unique solution ingredients list.

Image of Animal Shampoo 500 ml with pump

The Protekt Probiotic Animal Shampoo however is the only known animal shampoo with sustained living probiotics inside of the solution. Toxic chemicals would quickly kill the living probiotics.

It’s chemistry is more like a recipe of goodness that sustains living organisms inside of the solution while providing strong cleaning properties. In addition, it’s greatest side effect is what it does to sensitive and allergy sensitive skin.

It’s restorative properties add to the health of your pet’s skin and reduces allergens that cause skin irritations and persistent wounds.

But, don’t take our word for it, read what it has done for Silvia Hetters in her review or for Sarah on her’s on TrustPilot.

User stellar review of healing properties of probiotic dog shampoo

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