Germiest Items In Our School Aged Children’s Lives

By Protekt Probiotics|May 21, 2020|Education, Health, Science & Studies|0 comments

With the recent global viral pandemic at hand, washing hands has become a big deal in beating the spread of the Covid19 threat.

The NSF (National Science Foundation) has recently began a hand washing awareness campaign specifically aimed at children.

NSF microbiologists set out to local schools, grocery stores and other public places to collect data for inclusion in the NSF Scrub Club™ campaign.

As part of the study, the microbiologists swabbed 26 different public places.

The result for the highest contaminated public surface was deemed the playground sandbox. Not the slide but the actual sandbox sand.

Video game controllers also came in with extremely high germ counts.

Although NSF’s findings are a snapshot in time at each unique point tested, the results reveal that we all need to be vigilant about what and where we touch without protection.

It also reinforces the importance of teaching proper hand-washing from an early age to protect against potentially harmful bacteria, viruses and other germs that can be contracted and not just by touching with our hands.

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