What is there to know about body odor?

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Did you know that smells, especially body odor is caused by bacteria residue and not by the actual bacteria itself.

B.O. (Bromhidrosis osmidrosis) or body odor is a result of specific acids left behind by bacteria that live on your skin.

Often times personal conditions increase body odors such as diabetes, puberty, obesity, the consumption of certain types of foods and basic elevated activity that creates sweat or as the bacteria call it, food.

Body odor is not preventable but it is manageable. Basic management includes regular hygienic washing with soap and water.

Additional management can include the regiment of using an external probiotic solution.

Probiotics in all of the Protekt Worldwide product lineup include living bacteria that off-put odorless CO2 gas as opposed to the pathogenic byproduct of foul smelling acidic material.

Consider including into your daily regiment a probiotic underarm deodorant or Face & Body mist to better manage body odor.

Probiotic Face & Body Mist

The Face & Body mist and Work & Sport spray also works great to maintain dry clean apparel odor just a little bit longer while on travels where laundry services are not available and you may need to wear the same article multiple times on different days.

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