Make-up bags are petri dishes of deadly bacteria

By Protekt Probiotics|June 6, 2020|Education, Health, Science & Studies|0 comments

This is the first study that seriously looks at the microbial state of beauty-blending products inside of an average consumers cosmetic bag.

Scientists of Aston University found life-threatening contamination including E.coli and salmonella lurking in nine out of ten makeup bags. The recent research was originally published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology on December of 2019, just 6 months before this article was published.

Scientists of Aston University found life threatening contamination

Beauty-blending sponges harbor the most bacteria. Close contenders in the order of contamination are eyeliners, mascaras and lip gloss.

Many of the individuals who volunteered their personal items to be tested admitted that they had never cleaned 93%) their blending sponges, even when dropped on the floor (64%) in the middle of using it.

I suppose they believe the Five Second Rule.

Infectious disease experts warn that contaminated beauty products can cause skin infections, blood poisoning, pneumonia and most often conjunctivitis (pink eye).

So, what is the solution?

It is always recommended to wash your beauty tools using soap and water. However, as our CEO at Protekt has said after her own contaminated make-up bag ordeal, “I’m spraying everything just to be safe.”

Even though she did in fact catch conjunctivitis by using a spare eyelash separating brush after her initial mascara application, she said it is a best practice to physically wash all of your beauty application tools, and often. But, bad bacteria grows on clean and dirty surfaces so how can someone protect themselves from contamination?

In between washings, spray everything to protect your beauty assets with an external probiotic cleaner. “For those of you who also have a Kalos Misting Wand, it functions as the perfect beauty tool maintenance cleaner,” claims Karris Kutivan, CEO, Protekt Worldwide. She said, “It’s my best friend because it is so durable, compact and it has so many uses outside of the beauty space.”

Image of a Kalos wand misting a beautiful woman's face with a sparkling background and the kalos logo

Karris is free from her conjunctivitis and swears by her external probiotics.


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