What Is A Healthy Ratio of Probiotics

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Elementary microbiology says that that probiotic bacteria should always outnumber the bad bacteria. In nature a 10:1 ratio is required to maintain a proper balance.

We’ve also seen this ratio perform with great success in localized research studies performed by our research team here at Protekt Worldwide using eager patients with skin issues that were previously non-responsive to prescription and other over the counter remedies.

The ecosystem or balance between good and bad bacteria in any environment or surface is called a microbiome. When harsh chemicals that claim to be an antibacterial product or a disinfectant is introduced to a surface, that microbiome is then annihilated or at least, disrupted sort of like a bacterial nuke. This puts you, your family and your pets at risk to future infection from harmful viruses and germs because there are no opposing bacteria to keep them under control.

Since antibacterials and disinfectants do not discern between good or bad bacteria and they kill all bacteria, that surface will now be disinfected for minutes or a few hours depending on the solution used.

After the disinfectant evaporates, bacteria will begin to repopulate the surface and normally that bacteria will be a pathogen brought in from some other contaminated surface or area.

  • Contaminated hands/fingers
  • Raw meat contamination on kitchen counter tops
  • Old dish washing sponges
  • Sneezes
  • Animal hair and paws
  • Decomposing proteins or fats dripped from food products
  • Contaminated shoes brought in from outside
  • Contaminated clothing from playgrounds or public seating

Healthy bacteria (probiotics) quickly get out numbered by strong pathogenic cross-contamination.

Re-balance your personal external microbiome or living space area using the correct ratio of probiotics.

The full line of Protekt Probiotic products are designed with the correct ratio for all of your specific needs.

And, remember, overuse is not bad but all you are doing is wasting product. It doesn’t take much of a Protekt Probiotic product to do the job and take care of business.

Follow the instructions of each product and you’ll be on your way to better health and a happier future.


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