What Is The Difference Between An Internal and External Probiotic

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Internal use probiotics are a derivative of a plant culture.

Plant based probiotics are commonly found in yogurt and digestive supplements. It must be living to work. Anything that is dehydrated is typically dead probiotics and it can’t help you.

Living plant-based probiotics assist in maintaining a healthy digestive system. It is well known that they assist in maintaining a healthy digestive system and are often prescribed with antibiotics to add good bacteria back into the body to enable the antibiotics to work more efficiently. Living plant-based probiotics do not survive outside of a delicate ecosystem of our bodies and when they are packaged before consumption, they require refrigeration as most probiotics do.

Soil based probiotics are more robust and have longer lifespans

Dead probiotics are not useful to anyone and most soil based probiotics also have to be refrigerated for a managed shelf life.

External probiotics are used to manage microbiomes outside of the human body. They function as cleaners and compete for food sources as they consume opposing biofilms, enzymes and even other select pathogenic bacteria or protective lipids on the surfaces of certain unwanted viruses.

When you combine the competition factor through over-population and the bacterial quorum sensing in that specific microbial community, you’ll notice pathogenic activity begins to subside leaving the surface in question in a healthier and or cleaner state.

The probiotics used in Protekt probiotic products are strong, naturally enzymatic and can be stored at room temperature due to the patented process used to stabilize them for extreme shelf life. They can also survive in the harshest of conditions against the most formidable opponents since bacteria do not gain immunity to other bacteria. Our patented probiotic solutions are designed to only release the potent probiotic as soon and the environmental conditions become favorable. Once they are released, they can survive in normal conditions for up to 5-7 days. This gives you the ability to spread good bacteria everywhere you go.

All Protekt probiotic products contain combinations of FDA & EPA GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) and non-GMO, proprietary strains of probiotics. Our solutions are designed for effective protection and cleaning down to the microscopic level.

The super concentrated solutions only require a spritz or two to keep you protected. Refer to each container for specific application usage.

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