Safe for use anywhere you use standard cleaners, but without the toxic fumes, environmental damage or need for masks and gloves! Get a deeper, long lasting clean like you’ve never experienced AND feel good about it knowing your choice of cleaners actually HELPS the environment!

Our safe, non-toxic, effective and eco-friendly PROBIOTIC cleaning solution is for use on all home surfaces normally cleaned with standard chemical cleaners. This product is highly concentrated and makes 45 16-oz bottles of household cleaner and actively continues to clean after dry for up to three days!

This powerful formula is an eco-beneficial solution that actively removes dirt, contaminants, allergens and odors while providing a healthy balanced micro flora—minimizing the risk of germs and pathogens that can cause illnesses. This proprietary formula is enriched with 100% NATURAL food-grade (GRAS), beneficial bacteria that help remove contaminants and irritants including harmful micro-organisms throughout your home. Ideal for cleaning all surfaces including sinks, counters, tile, walls, fixtures, windows, door knobs, mirrors and any other cleanable surface. Prōtëkt Probiotic All-Purpose Cleaner ACTIVELY and NATURALLY cleans surfaces down to the microscopic level for a true clean without harsh chemical cleaners.

8 oz (236 ml)


No masks, no gloves, just a clean so deep it happens at a microscopic level.

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INSTRUCTIONS: Shake concentrate before mixing. Add one teaspoon (5ml) of product to 16 oz of warm water. Use a higher dilution for heavily soiled areas. Shake mixture well before every use. Dispose of any unused mixture after 3 days and rinse bottle thoroughly before mixing new solution. NOTE: This is a potent formula that uses the power of probiotics. Overuse will only waste product. MORE IS NOT BETTER!


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