Prōtëkt Probiotic Commercial Carpet Cleaner & Floor cleaner cleans down to the microscopic level for a truly clean and odor-free result, while actively protecting against the risk of germs!

This powerful proprietary formula quickly and effectively

      • Removes contaminants and allergens
      • Eliminates and actively controls odors
      • Eliminates dust mites and dander allergens
      • Offers an economical, powerful formula requiring minimal use
      • Provides long-lasting protection against pathogens
      • Economical size for use in home, office or business
      • NSF Certified – contains no artificial fragrances or colorants

Safe and non-toxic for home, business and the environment.

Prōtëkt Probiotic Floor and Carpet Cleaner is made from safe ingredients, enriched with 100% natural probiotics. Prōtëkt products are eco-beneficial, safe for use around people and animals of all ages.

1.32 Gallon (5L)


Prōtëkt Probiotic Floor and Carpet Cleaner, as with all Prōtëkt products, is made using ingredients enriched with stabilized 100% natural probiotics.

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Shake well before diluting in water. Dilute 2-4 ounces for every gallon of water. For extra tough jobs, use a lower level of dilution up to 12 ounces for every gallon of water. For external use only.


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